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Our Story

Digital Nomad Exchange is designed to help people across the world find the best places for remote work and travel.

Based upon more than 25 years of experience managing Expat Exchange, our sister site that focuses on international relocation, Digital Nomad Exchange was created to focus on the specific needs of nomads.

It is a deeper dive into the world of remote work than what we publish on Expat Exchange, although there certainly is a great deal of overlap. We are looking forward to exploring these important differences in detail.

This expands our online presence and enables digital nomads to help each other as they explore locations all over the globe. Like Expat Exchange, Digital Nomad Exchange is founded upon the belief that "members are their own greatest resource." That belief has never changed since our company was created in 1997.

So when someone decides to adopt a digital nomad lifestyle, they can benefit from the wisdom gleaned by other members who have already been there and done that. As members generously share their knowledge on our country forums and by answering questions in reports related to their international lifestyle, they find that taking the time to make someone else's journey easier makes the entire experience more rewarding.

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William Russell
William Russell

Get a quote for international health insurance from our partner, William Russell.
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William RussellWilliam Russell

Get a quote for international health insurance from our partner, William Russell.
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